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hi, i'm bri

If we haven't met yet, I'm Briana (bree-anne-uh) but you can call me Bri! I'm the creative brains behind Brighten Living– a home goods and lifestyle shop for the free-spirits.

I began Brighten Living after years of running my own graphic design studio, Brighten Made. While I love creating brands for female entrepreneurs that help them brighten the world, my passion for design has always gone beyond that. Brighten Living is a place where I can create and share everyday goods that help you brighten your little pocket of the world, too.

Our shop is filled with ethically sourced goods and we have one major goal in mind: to brighten your world.

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live in a space you love

No matter where you're at or what your budget looks like, we believe everyone should live in a space that they love to come home to, or work from (hello, global pandemic!). That's why I've made it my mission to design and share products that will brighten your space and your world.